Day 98: An injection well here, a few million dollars there, carbon sequestration gets off to a tenous start.

We know we have the technology to inject carbon dioxide into the ground. Oil and gas companies have been doing it for years, as a way to push the goods to the surface.  But can we make it stay there, as a way to keep it out of the atmosphere?That’s the multi-million-dollar question. Carbon sequestration […]

Day 87: On Earth Day, let’s talk about trash, man

I once knew a man who had done very well in the garbage business. I don’t know the details, but I do know he operated our city’s trash-pickup services (and grabbed the contracts in outlying, multiple-county areas as well).  I lost count of the number of fancy cars he drove. Once I asked him: Why […]

Day 81: EPA’s greenhouse gas report, and imperiled pinons, are cold showers for car-buying dreams

For nearly four years, I haven’t owned a car. And now I want a car. But that wish is in direct conflict with my environmental values, especially today. This morning I ran the numbers again, and confirmed that I have enough money for a down payment. I’ve been dreaming of getting behind the wheel of a […]

Day 73: The Earth might shake, but that straw bale home is gonna hold its ground

On the very day a deadly earthquake struck Italy, new research was unveiled that could help people survive such tragedies. Civil engineer Darcey Donovan, a graduate of the University of Nevada at Reno, has been building straw bale homes since 2006 in the foothills of the Himalayas — where 100,000 people died in a 2005 quake. […]

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